Mapan 913 გადიდება

Mapan 913

შეიძინეთ უპროცენტო

განვადებით თვეში მხოლოდ  

12 ლარიდან


260,00 ლ

კომპლექტაცია : 
პლანშეტური კომპიუტერი MaPan 913 - 1 ცალი 
კედლის დამტენი - 1 ცალი 
ყურსასმენი - 1 ცალი 
USB კაბელი - 1 ცალი 
OTG კაბელი - 1 ცალი 
ეკრანის დამცავი - 1 ცალი 
ეკრანის საწმენდი  - 1 ცალი


CPU BOXCHIP allwinner A13 Cortex a8 1.0G
Memory DDR III 512M
Flash 8GB
Storage Extend 2GB-32GB SD/TF Support
WiFi highperformance   802.11b/g
3G 3G module supports USB external
CAMERA Front 0.3M and back 1.3 million pixels
APK Sofeware Build in MaPan Tablet PC APK Sofeware
G-SENSOR Internal G- Sensor
OS Google Android 4.2,Supports Adobe Flash 11.1,Support 3D by internal hardware
Screen 9 inch 800X480 resolution , Capacitive touching panel 5-point
Language English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean ,Polish ,Russian ,Spanish etc.
Browser Opera,UCWeb,SkyFire,Dolphin
online entertainment Support Online video,online Tv,online Movie,Online Music,Online Radio.
Games 3D Game can be supported by internal 3d accelerate of hardware
Extend There are more than 20 thousands kind of free software in goole market
S/N above 90dB
Recording Support MP3,WMA formats recording
other LRC,ID3 Tag searching, searching by folders, Album,self-definition audio effect
Audio chip Super Cirrus audio coding chip
Playing ability highest 1920X1080,30Mb code
Speaker speaker
OTG digital Support Mobile,USB,card reader ect OTG function
HOST HOST1.1 connect with mouse,keyboard,USB disk
Charging small type charging port,DC 5V input
Earphone/Video 3.5mm earphone
Charger Original Mapan 5V Charger
screen Capacitive touching panel multi-point (optional Resistive touch screen single-point)
Key Button Touchable Button: MENU,BACK,Simple and pretty
battery 4000mAH / 3.7V lipo battery